Introduction of FESABID

The Spanish Federation of Societies of Archivist, Librarians, Documentalist and Museology (FESABID) was created in 1988 under private law as a not-for-profit entity gathering the sector’s leading professional associations. Its main objectives include:

  • Promoting and implementing activities related with libraries, documentation centers, archives and museums.
  • Fostering cooperation among its members with the intention of facilitating the sharing of information and experience and favoring the improvement of technical services intended fundamentally for users by promoting continuous training, updating and occupational recycling for its members.
  • Helping create the best possible working conditions for member associations, placing priority on experience sharing and cooperation.
  • Disseminating information about the jobs archivists, librarians, documentalists and museologists and generally all information professionals do and the importance of their mission in their spheres of action.


FESABID has working groups on intellectual property (the BPI Group, which covers libraries and intellectual property) and standardization (AENOR Committee 50). It also has a group in charge of analyzing the design of the new curricula for degrees in its sphere of interest (Committee for the New Library Science and Documentation Degree) and a group recently created to examine the regulation of libraries and the Spanish library system (Study Committee on the Bill on Reading, Books and Libraries).

Internationally, the Federation is present at prestigious forums such as IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions) and EBLIDA(European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations). With the years, FESABID has become a valid interlocutor for Spanish, EC and international government agencies and has been involved in legislative processes related with our sphere of action.

At present FESABID’s full membership includes twenty associations, whose ranks number over 7,000 professionals from the sector: libraries, archives and information and documentation centers, as well as related companies and institutions.

The federation’s flagship activity is its Spanish Conference on Documentation, which has been held biennially since 1990.

FESABID - Federated Associations